Virtual caving? Hopefully not a substitute but an appetiser for getting out there in the real world ...

Maps and Surveys of Caves and Karst:

2D <xML, SVG, etc /> The future for storage and delivery of cave-related data?
  <CaveScript /> I'm not the only one to think so
  <Cave Survey data in XML />
3D {VRML } and <X3D/> applied to caves and karst Don't just look at surveys, explore them! (N Spain, S Wales, Sarawak)

My affiliations:

Oxford University Cave Club home  
Proceedings from 1962 to 1991, so far
expeditions mainly to the Picos de Europa, N Spain
Grwp Ogofeydd Garimpeiros home mainly about caves in the Black Mountains of S Wales
University of Leeds Speleological Association home  
Reviews from 1966 to 1986, so far
British Cave Research Association via  
  cave surveying group  
Pwll Du Cave Management Group home  

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I developed and tested this on a Windows95 PC (Pentium II/64Mb/266MHz); your Virtual caving will be enhanced if you can use a similar or better machine with these plugins:Adobe SVG (W95/98/NT)andCosmoPlayer VRML (W95/98/NT/Mac); other hardware and software (especially Java-based) combinations should be possible, butI'ld like to know if you do have problems